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Electroformed Optics


NiPro Optics manufactures precision electroformed nickel reflectors ranging from 0.15″ to 20″ in size.  Reflectors are manufactured in various complex geometric shapes. . . . . parabolic, elliptical, or spherical, according to customer requirements.

Using Single Point Diamond Turning for mandrel manufacturing, we produce the most accurate replication tools in the industry.  Introduced in 2011 our “Digital Refelectors” are now the standard for excellence in precision focal points for optimal performance.

Additional modifications (notches and holes) can be produced on reflectors by building them directly into the tooling.  This eliminates the additional part stress that can be caused if machining these extra features.

When higher production volumes are needed, and specfications are aligned with the process, electroforming is the perfect choice for producing nickel components with the optical and surface quality characteristics of the diamond turned master form.

Various coatings (see table below)  can be applied to reflectors to meet reflectance objectives.  Inspection procedures include coordinate measurements to assure repeatable manufacturing accuracy, and refectance measurements to assure spectral performance goals.

Applications for electroformed reflectors include scientific equipment, HID flashlights, searchlights, spectroscopy, cinema and high performance stage lighting.


Electroformed Reflector Capabilities

Reflector Shapes Parabolic, Elliptical,  and Other Complex
Clear Aperture Sizes .015″ to 20 “
Coatings Protected Gold, Protected Silver,
Rhodium and Enhanced Rhodium, Aluminum and Enhanced Aluminum