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Optical Coatings


NiPro Optic’s vacuum deposition capabilities feature an array of new proprietary dielectric coating technologies specifically targeted for superior performance in challenging operational environments.  Salt fog and field tested, our durable, Enhanced Aluminum Saaphire coating sets the industry standard for critical applications requiring excellent life cycle metrics.

Our fully automated coating chamber features finely tuned  process control components,  including a quartz crystal rate and thickness controller, digital programmable sweep for the electron beam gun, and a high current broad beam ion gun to densify the coating and reduce the stress. The chamber is pumped down using a mechanical pump and a cryo-pump and the parts are then heated with quartz lamps.

This precisely controlled process uses advanced technology to produce high performance, ultra-durable, zero shift thin film coatings, optimized to meet the reflectance needs of your project.  We also offer plated rhodium and gold coatings for specific applications.

The most frequently used coating for electroformed reflectors is rhodium, or enhanced rhodium.  Using dielectric enhancement, we can increase the reflectivity of plated rhodium from 75% to 90% in the visible region, while reducing reflectivity in the UV and near IR bands.  This coating has very impressive credentials, showing no damage in  24 hour Salt Fog test per ASTM B-117.

A popular substitute for silver coating in diamond turned aluminum applications, is our durable, Enhanced Aluminum Saaphire option.  It has demonstrated superior wear characteristics in both Salt Fog and field tests, and should be considered for any outdoor mirror application.

NiPro has coatings to meet all challenging requirements.

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AR Coating Visible Range

AR Coating V NotchIR Durable Enhanced Aluminum

IR Durable Enhanced Aluminum

Enhanced Rhodium & Aluminum

Enhanced Rodium NIR

Enhanced Rhodium Wide View

Durable Enhanced Aluminum

Durable Enhanced Aluminum Diamond Turned

Cold Mirror on Glass

Cold Mirror On Metal

Hot Mirror On Glass