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What’s Old is New Again” – the revival of vinyl records

Metal Stampers for Sale

NiPro Optics new electroforming division, “NiPro Records”, is proud to announce the launch of its newest product line – metal masters/mothers and stampers for pressing vinyl records.

While the introduction of stampers for sale may appear to be a new venture – like the growing popularity of vinyl, it is actually a return to the past!

The principals of NiPro Records began their careers at Superior Record Pressing, electroforming mothers and stampers for the great Motown music of the 60’s.

Rebuilding this electroforming process at its southern California facility, NiPro Records has improved on the old technology and now offers a new industry standard for plated mothers and stampers.

We carry the industry leading dedication and excellence of NiPro Optics to our new venture – innovation, leadership, and un-paralleled customer service.

Give us a try for your next record pressing project!