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NiPro Optics: A Technology Driven Manufacturer of Precision Optical Components

NiPro Optics was formed in July of 2005, but its roots in electroforming stretch back to the 1980’s when Tom Gross, President and CEO, first learned the technology as it related to the fabrication of  LP records.   Adapting these principles to the manufacturing of ophthalmic molds led to the creation of Optical Electro Forming, a Florida based company serving a world wide market until its sale to Sola Optical,  the second largest spectacle lens producer in the industry.

Moving to Southern California, and re-inventing itself as NiPro Optics Inc., the company expanded its technology base to serve more diverse end markets and leverage its core skills – innovation, customer centric vision, and leadership.  Recognizing the need for precision  optics in nickel reflectors, NiPro manufactured diamond turned replication tooling, creating the first  “digital reflectors” and establishing itself as the market leader.  Responding to the failure of competitor dcc coatings in the field, the company developed several proprietary options to better serve these applications, setting the new standard for durability under stress.

Whether its adding new metrology capabilites and equipment, or expanding our resources for providing unique solutions to challenging problems, you can count on NiPro to lead the pack.   We provide a full spectrum of precision manufacturing options to meet the demanding needs of your optical project.

NiPro specializes in making complex processes simple.  Our electroforming and thin film coating processes are based on science, not the “black arts” as many lesser skilled manufacturers often claim !   This control allows us to deliver consistent quality products and also offer a variety of turnkey technologies for sale based on years of in-house, predictable outcomes.